The Red-Pill Ballad of the Recovering Never-Trumper

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik


I remember growing up and wanting certain things at the mall or supermarket.  From sugary cereals and handi-snacks to video games and action figures.  I could never explain why I wanted those things, but alas, I would immediately know what I wanted the moment I was asked.

Why would I ever want a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure, let alone the whole set and the Turtle Van?  Why would I want to eat Captain Crunch, which feels akin to jamming pieces of coral reef into the roof of my mouth?  What the hell is appetizing about spreading “cheese-product” onto stale saltines, with a small, square, plastic stick?

Though at the time I didn’t understand product marketing, now I do, and as a result, I can decode media influences when I see them.  Often, commercials go right by me because I have learned to tune out the underlying message and simply be entertained by what happens in the commercial.  What product it is or what they are selling flies right by me, and I remember the cute dog or the touching moment.

In an effort, which I think began in the late 1970s to early 1980s, media companies began understanding how manufacturers were able to market their products to consumers and thought, hey, why can’t we do the same with an agenda?

In the ironies of ironies, in 1984 of all years, the media’s first real push with their agenda-modeling actions was trying to convince a nation that Walter Mondale was the guy to elect as president.  They failed miserably.  They realized that if they tried to put us all in the boiling water, we will jump right out.  They figured that, going forward, they were going to let us sit in the tepid water and then slowly turn the heat up.

They knew the areas they had to change were where they could get the most bang for their Electoral buck: California and New York.  Guess where the media also happens to almost operate exclusively?  It also happens to directly correlate to the centers of the prominence of progressive policy.  What do you know?!

Since then, they have begun to gently turn up that heat to gently push the country further to the left.

With the election of Bill Clinton, the media could finally celebrate, and that they did, which made them lazy.  They fawned over our new Rockstar President so much that when they finally realized where they had let things get, we had all jumped out of the water in 1994 (handing Republicans Congress).

The key issue of that was the emergence of media that they couldn’t control, that began questioning their agenda. That emergence was Rush Limbaugh.  Rush was the guy, decoding for us the media agenda and yelling at us all to get out of the ever-heating water.  While riding around in the front seat of my dad’s victory-red 1968 Bug, I remember being influenced by him explaining the complicated, in terms that even my then-eleven-year-old mind could comprehend.

The media, instead of letting things get out of hand again and losing complete control, they painted their man, Bill Clinton, as the “moderator” and the guy who can bring everyone together.  They made everyone love their cuddly teddy bear of Bill Clinton so much, that 1996 was a breeze.  We loved Clinton so much, that even when the guy was convincing interns to service him in the Oval-Freakin’-Office, half the country still loved him.  The media could not have been more thrilled with the result.

They were going to keep that train going, by giving his smooth-talkin’, Global-Warmin’ preachin’ vice president, Al Gore, the keys to being the heir apparent.  In fact, while they were at it, why not get to choose the Republican candidate as well?  They ignited a race to the middle between George W. Bush and John McCain, so that worst-case scenario, they would end up with a moderate. To their shock and dismay, the 2000 Presidential race came down to four-hundred-something votes in Florida.  They figured that instead of drawing the country to the left with the people picking the candidates, why doesn’t the media just choose the candidate and the people will follow?

In light of 9/11 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they let 2004 go with nominating Lurch and Johnny “Cheat On His Cancer-Suffering Wife” Edwards, as they were their sacrifice to the long game.  After 2004, the plan went into overdrive.

In 2006, they were able to push for handing control of Congress to the Democrats, but it wasn’t the overall victory they were pushing for, rather the emergence of a person into the spotlight, that gave them all shivers up the leg:  Barack Hussein Obama.  OHHHH BOYYY.  The media fawned over their new recruit, as they pointed out his qualities of being the progeny of some alternate world’s orgy between John F. Kennedy, William Jefferson Clinton, and Karl Marx.

We were forced to hear of the graces of his multiple-memoired 40 years on this planet, having grown up in America to achieve what he had achieved, despite his skin-tone and that we, the American People, OWED him the pleasure of electing him President of the United States.  If you didn’t accept that narrative, it was because you were a racist.  For them, there was no middle ground.  They knew they would eventually be fingered as the bad guy in this, so instead of having the whole system turn on them, they turned the whole system against itself.

You remember, they made the mistake in 1992, which led to the system correction in 1994.  Instead of the system bouncing back at them this time, they embedded some new code into the agenda: “We aren’t the enemy.  They (ambiguously waving a hand in a general direction) are.”

They figured that, to get the system to “progress,” they would have to turn it against itself.  This led to the emergence of groups like Occupy, The Tea Party, BLM, the reemergence of White Supremacist groups and the Alt-right, Antifa, and the Proud Boys.  When the system begins to correct and we begin to see that they are the enemy, the media creates another “them” to distract us that much longer so they can, while we are all fighting each other, embed more corrective code.

That is, until they lost complete control of the system.  As we all began screaming at each other that we didn’t like the idea that we couldn’t control our lives (whether or not we wanted to get gay married or a machine gun, or both), suddenly Morpheus, hand on our shoulders, told us, I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN.  During our being lectured to about how we OWED Hillary Clinton’s presidency to all women, a man parted the curtain for a minute and said, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

You realize that Donald Trump has been inside the media curtain and probably knows a bit of the code they’ve been using. After all, he was able to turn battlegrounds from Florida, Iowa, and North Carolina to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  These were Democrat strongholds, folks.  That doesn’t happen “by accident.”

Trump knew exactly where the weaknesses in the System were to tweak it to get a result he wanted.  This man singularly defeated scandal after scandal after media-created scandal, to the point where they literally were digging in decade-old media footage in a basement to come up with the “grab ’em by the p***y” comments.  That is how Donald Trump red-pilled me.  What did he know that I didn’t?  How could he literally say that Megyn Kelly was menstruating on live effing television and get away with it?

Do I like the guy?  What the hell is there to like about him?  Literally, none of us would ever be friends with the guy.  Not a single one of us.  He is the antithesis of the “regular Joe American.”  He is about as relatable of a guy to us as is 99% of the Hollywood Elite.  He literally would be the last guy any of us would ever invite to our homes for a Saturday barbeque.  This dude literally can’t comprehend our lives in any way.  Do you think he would know, for a fraction of a millisecond, what it would be like to wear a T-shirt and shorts, sitting on the couch, watching “Schitt’s Creek” and drinking a lukewarm Mountain Dew? He is not one of us, and we will never be one of his.  Ever.

But I actually voted for him in 2020.  Why?  Because I’ve been awaked to see that the enemy here is the media.  They are on their Hail Mary pass right now.  This is no longer a mission;  It is a suicide mission.  They have their distraction out there.  They have their barely-lucid septuagenarian center stage, embarrassing himself.  He’s the court jester.  He’s not a threat. He’s just fun, ol’ Uncle Joe.  Everyone, listen to Uncle Joe read billboard-sized teleprompters and tell us anecdotal stories about his dad, while we insert the corrective code.  That code?  That code is Kamala Harris.

It is then you realize what came out of the reprogramming of 2004-2006 wasn’t just Barack Obama.  Obama was the frontal attack.  Kamala Harris was the flank.  When you consider that she’s never completed her terms, literally ever.  She went from San Francisco DA to California AG to California senator to VP candidate in just 12 years.  She’s the female Barack Obama and has virtually the same story.  Another thing they have in common?  Kamala is the hidden twin-spawn of that unholy unity that created Obama.  Literally the same in every way.  Upbringing, Education, Ideology, down to their friggin’ fingerprints.  She is here to finish what BHO couldn’t.  And it took Donald Trump’s red pill to help me realize that.

I enthusiastically voted for Gary Johnson in 2016.   I wrote articles opposing Donald Trump’s presidency and welcomed the title of Never-Trumper.  I was a part of the system.  I thought Donald Trump was the enemy, even up until the point I was filling out my 2020 ballot.  My ballot this year, for some reason, had down-ticket races first and Presidential last.  I was excited to fill out my ballot for some of my very close friends running for office.  It wasn’t until I got through the ballot and realized I hadn’t voted for president.  Except that I did.  I had voted for another four years of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, without even thinking about it.  That was the moment I unplugged.

I realized Donald Trump isn’t the enemy.  The media-created system is.  Donald Trump is simply the tool for fighting it.  That… That’s why I voted for Donald Trump.  That’s why I want another four years of disruption, because I refuse to be part of the system that perpetually divides Americans.   The system knows we all hate that division, so it embedded code to convince us to think that, if we maybe vote for a particular candidate, that the division will go away.

But remember when that division really took off, though:  During Barack Obama’s presidency.  And now his heir apparent is waiting in the wings.  Why would we think for a single second that electing Biden would make it better? What they are engaging in is ideological gaslighting.  They are making you think that your anger at them is unjustified, and that voting for someone other than Donald Trump is the cure.  You’d be crazy to think that Trump leaving office fixes this.  It doesn’t.  In 2008, it was: “Vote for Obama or you’re a racist.”  Now it is: “Vote for Biden or you are filled with hatred.”  Same message, different time.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably expecting some football spiking ending to this realization.  There really isn’t one.  All I realized is that, no matter what the media says about Donald Trump, it probably contains some truth. I just don’t care anymore because, for them, it was never about the truth in the first place.  It was about control. Do I love Donald Trump?  Gosh, no.  But I am starting to believe that he’s the only thing standing between us and the media’s efforts for total ideological annihilation.