Pennsylvania County Screwed up 30,000 Ballots; They Say They Will Review Them.... After the Election

Pennsylvania County Screwed up 30,000 Ballots; They Say They Will Review Them.... After the Election
AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Over the last several weeks we have heard of numerous issues with the delivery of ballots throughout the United States… everything from ballots being delivered to addresses where the addressees don’t live, and dead people getting ballots, to the massive scale of tens of thousands of ballots being screwed up and needing to be reissued.   Just last week, we reported on 60,000 ballots in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania not arriving on time.  Now in neighboring Allegheny County, they have another massive ballot problem.

From The Hill:

“The Allegheny County Elections Division announced Wednesday that 28,879 voters received incorrect ballots out of the 32,318 that were in the state’s ballot tracker as of Sept. 28.

The Division said the mailings are being corrected and that new ballots will be delivered starting Oct. 15, with most expected to be delivered the week of Oct. 19.”

The problem that exists is that this issue was discovered not by the county, but rather by the voters and brought to the county’s attention.  Despite the County promising to fix the ballots, it still eliminates a great deal of time that the voters would have had to return their ballots, to begin with.

But that’s not the most alarming part.  What is terrifying is the county’s response regarding when they will be reviewing the ballots they received back from people who were not aware they were wrong.

“Voye [David Voye, Elections Division Manager] said that Elections Division staff were segregating ballots that were received from voters affected by the issue, and those will be set aside and reviewed following the election.” [Emphasis added]

The county admits that they know some of the faulty ballots were returned, but those ballots will not be reviewed until after the election.  That likely means that if the ballot is faulty, those voters will not have their vote counted because there will be no new voting for them because the election will be over.

In a state like Pennsylvania where Trump won by just 45,000 votes, shenanigans like this are bound to add up to an issue on election day.  The total of the screw-ups from Allegheny and Westmoreland add up to 90,000 votes, more than twice Trump’s victory margin.

But come on guys…. we’ve got to respect the process and count every vote… or something like that.

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