Giuliani Lays out 'Opening Statement' in Case Against the 'Biden Crime Family'

AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu


Rudy Giuliani released a video on YouTube last night that covered a myriad of alleged crimes committed by the Bidens and ignored by government prosecutors, law enforcement, and the media. Giuliani introduced a lot of information we already know, including contracts awarded to the woefully unqualified James Biden, the former VP’s brother, and Hunter Biden, Joe’s son. Also included in the statement was information that Sara Biden, James’ wife may have also received contracts due to her association with the former Vice President. After a brief introduction, Giuliani gets right down to business:

“And the reason I am doing it this way is because there will be every effort to censor, block and stop you from hearing this information from the social media, from the Democrats, and tragically, from most of your networks that have for over two years been covering up crimes at the highest levels of several governments. The one I am going to talk about right now is at the highest levels of the United States and Ukrainian government, but in future days you will see texts, emails, and photos that demonstrate crimes committed by the Biden Crime family in China, probably most of all, Russia, several other countries.”

Giuliani’s use of the term “crime family” paints a picture of mafia-like tactics associated with Biden’s actions and behaviors. Rudy then drops the hammer into Hunter Bidens…. shall we say…. “personal flaws”:

“But in seeing these, you’re going to wonder you know, ‘How was the money distributed?’ What happened to all these millions and millions and millions of dollars that went from the crookedest man in the Ukraine, to Hunter Biden who at the time was, not just a recovering crack addict, but a crack addict, a um.. actual crack addict, or the vast amount of money that went from China to Hunter Biden when he was also suffering from being a, I don’t know how to describe it, its unfortunate that he has this thing, but its also unfortunate that his father put him in the positions he put him in, and China of course has all of the photos that we have which means he is a really massive national security threat to the United States, since his father lies about all of this, its an easy area of extortion and should have been discovered before the Trump administration by the Obama/Biden administration.”

Rudy brings up an extremely valid point.  If Biden et al., is hiding from this now, to what lengths would he go to prevent it from being exposed?  Would he be willing to sell out US interests in the hope of preventing himself or his son, the risk of embarrassment or prosecution?  And if so, wouldn’t that risk our national security?  Rudy rolls right into that.

“In fact, when you see these texts and when you see these photos, you’re going to say to yourself, ‘do we have a national security service?’ and if they don’t have them, why don’t they have them, because we know that China and Russia has them, or they really wouldn’t be much of a worthwhile adversary would they?  When you see these what you’re going to see in summary, and this is just a summary, are the following:  Every time Joe Biden was named point man by Barack Obama, Joe Biden negotiated for the United States.  Each time he negotiated, he failed. Each time he negotiated the Biden Crime family got millions of dollars from that country.”

In other words, it is possible that Biden not only risks our national security but additionally does so at the benefit of his family.  As Rudy points out, if he has gotten access to this information, other, more nefarious types have likely gotten their hands on it, like foreign powers.

Rudy then continues to explain the different contracts and opportunities that the “Biden Crime Family” took advantage of for their own financial benefit:

“In Iraq, which was the first one, his brother James, who for many many years, had been operating an illegal lobbying operation, in which money was going to James and James was using it in part for James and in part for Joe, James got into the big time. James went ahead and got into a housing contract in Iraq when Joe was the point man in Iraq, approximately 1/3rd of a 1.5 Billion dollar contract, like Hunter, James had no experience at all, in housing, he just got into a 1.5 Billion dollar contract.

Then Ukraine, as you know, Hunter Biden was hired by the crookedest man in the Ukraine from anywhere from approximately 8 to 14 million dollars, some of it laundered, documents that show that, and uh, question is, why did Joe Biden lie about it?  The New York Post, in it’s front page demonstrates with a text from Hunter Biden, that Joe Biden was fully aware of Burisma and has been lying about that for 7 years.  That’s a lot of lying that only happens when you commit a crime and Joe Biden certainly committed a crime because some of that money from Ukraine, illegal money for bribes went to Joe Biden.

And finally, for now, China.  China has so many different transactions, its going a couple of days, if not a week to sort all through all of them, but we have them. And basically this money that goes to Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sarah Biden, and the Biden Family otherwise known as the Biden Crime Family.”

This part has to have Democrats sweating. If Rudy does have financial transactions and records, and if they do truly detail out illegal and immoral actions on the part of the “Biden Crime Family” there will be no indication of how far Biden could fall in the polls overnight. That being said, if Rudy’s accusations are a flash in the pan, this could backfire for him and the president.

Rudy does happen to have emails and texts, one of which he is about to share with us:

“Now you’re going to want to know what is the scheme they used for distributing the money.  Well there just so happens to be a uh, text. The text is in the hard drive of Hunter Biden and it is from Hunter Biden to Naomi Biden, discussing money. But in it he makes a very big mistake. He explains the distributions scheme that the Biden Crime Family has had for years. It reads as follows and you can see it, you can see it on my website. It reads, this is from Hunter to Naomi Biden:

‘I love you all but I don’t receive any respect and that’s fine I guess. Works for you apparently. I hope you all can do what I did, and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years.’

Why was he paying for everything for the family? Because he was getting the money and they were keeping it from Joe so he didn’t have to report it, but he paid for example, for his half sister’s entire college education. Paid for a lot more things.  In fact, in his own words, he paid for everything.  But then it goes on to say because the boss, remember the Godfather, the boss has to wet his beak, the boss has to get his money?  The boss here is ‘Pop.’

‘It’s really hard but don’t worry, unlike Pop,” That’s one of the names for Joe Biden, Democrat candidate for the United States’ Presidency”  I won’t make you give me half your salary.’”

WOOOOOW.  While this could have been a “joke” that one dad is laying on one of his kids, it appears the texts came from a stressful exchange where Hunter is trying to explain to his daughter just how hard it has been for him.  The former argument could suggest that Hunter would be talking to a child, but his daughter Naomi is 26 and a Columbia law student, and it is unlikely that Hunter would jokingly suggest taking half of his daughter’s salary.   More likely, Hunter was impressing upon her his role in keeping the family afloat.  He seems to think that absent his hard work, the family would have gone under.  Naomi has obviously seen the importance her Grandfather’s influence could have on providing for their family as she has taken to twitter to defend her grandfather in the past.

Giuliani then takes a calm break to ask a very simple question:

“Okay, left-wing press, what are you going to do with that?  That’s about as clear as an admission of what I have been saying for two years as you can get.”

It is unlikely the press will do anything.  In fact, WaPo has taken to issuing stories that claim that things that Joe Biden said himself in the famous video that has been seen far and wide, didn’t happen. Imagine being so desperate in the media that you literally have to write stories telling people that their eyes and ears are lying to them.