Missouri Governor Doubles-Down on Pardon Promise for McCloskeys

(Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP, File)
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Missouri Governor, Michael Parson (Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP, File)

The Republican Governor of Missouri, Michael Parson, reaffirmed this promise Wednesday that he would pardon Mark and Patricia McCloskey after a Grand Jury announced charges and evidence tampering indictments for the St. Louis couple, who had defended their property from violent and trespassing BLM rioters in July.


From The Hill:

Parson said at a news conference on Wednesday that he “most certainly would” issue a pardon for the couple should they be convicted on counts of exhibiting a weapon and tampering with evidence brought against them over the June incident, according to The Associated Press.

“We’ll let it play out and see how this all comes out in the courts, but I stand by what I said,” Parsons continued.

The governor also suggested he was prepared to issue pardons for the couple back in July after circuit attorney Kim Gardner launched an investigation into the June 28 incident.”

The renewed statement about the potential pardons is more concrete than the Governor’s previous statements regarding the potential as he previously said he “think(s) that’s exactly what would happen.”

The Governor could enact a pardon now, which would free the McCloskeys from any further prosecution over the matter but is likely waiting to see the result of the trial associated with the indictment.  A jury acquittal or exoneration would be a much more thorough rejection of the Grand Jury charges, and a pardon would also always appear over any conviction that would be on their record.

It is amusing to me how the left wants us to believe that the McCloskeys were in no way in danger, despite numerous examples of BLM and Antifa protests turning violent.  They also happen to gloss over the fact that the protesters had trespassed in a gated neighborhood in which they were not welcomed or invited.  It isn’t like we haven’t seen literally hundreds of protests devolving into violent rioting across the country.  Let’s also remember that not a shot was fired and the protesters stayed off their property after seeing the firearms.


It is pretty clear that they acted in self-defense to keep the trespassers off their property and that the protesters would have likely done more, perhaps even violently, had the threat of being shot not presented itself.  These poor people had no choice and to think otherwise is literally anti-American.


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