Kamala Harris Thinks You Are Stupid

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Chief WoMansplainer, Senator Kamala Harris. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

At the Vice Presidential Debates on Wednesday Night, Kamala Harris sunk to a new level for which the left has praised her over and over again.  Not only did she use unfounded attacks on Mike Pence as a way to attempt to be able to lie through her teeth about the collective record of the Democratic ticket, but she also then turned to the American people with the same contempt and condescension.


Kamala has never been one with the truth. I have previously talked about the absolute lies she spread on her way to the AG’s office in California, a race on which I had the pleasure of working.  She is by far one of the most (if not the most) dishonest, irresponsible, conniving individuals whom I have ever had the displeasure of crossing.

Her performance at the debate simply solidified my despisement for the woman. She lied no fewer than a dozen times (about her own positions), refused to publicly answer a question (about court-packing, which we all know the reason why they are not answering that), and about the President’s actions in the past.

When Kamala was given “equal time” though she had already had the same two minutes that Pence did on the subject, she repeated yet another media lie that bounties were paid on American troops in Syria.  She looked deep into the camera, as if attempting to connect with voters (who likely think she’s a shrill moron), and wo-mansplained what a bounty is.  She slowed her speech like she was talking to someone who had an IQ just north of a piece of toast and defined a “bounty” in terms fit for a 2nd grader.  She thought that a generation of people who grew up with Dog the Bounty Hunter needed an explanation as to what a bounty was and how it works.  Up next?  Likely her explanation of what a Crocodile Hunter does.

Later in the debate, Kamala decided that people didn’t know what debt was and had to again, look into the camera and slow her speech to explain to us idiot Americans, what exactly is debt.  She was referring to Trump’s tax returns that show he has 431 million dollars he has borrowed.  The Senator, who wouldn’t know what leveraging and net-worth are if they bit her, was somehow trying to explain the President’s personal finances to us, like we were a bunch of amoebas. Yet she proved she knew no more than my 5th-grade son when it comes to finances.  I am sure that she would have questions on who I owe 350k to. (No one tell her what a mortgage is!)  The fact is that Trump has a net worth well over that 431 million and if he wanted to, could probably pay it off tomorrow.  What she doesn’t understand is the act of leveraging wealth to create… get this… more wealth.  If I have a house that is free and clear and no cash to go out and buy a new property which I would like to rent out (or hey, even a vacation property), I could take out a loan on my home and use the cash to buy another property.  I could make some good money doing that, especially in a market that is appreciating.  Alternatively, I could also take money out of my house at like 2.5% right now and stick it in some other investment (mutual funds, etc.) with a higher return and keep the difference.  It is called leveraging, and apparently, the only kind of leveraging Kamala is familiar with is that of leveraging other assets to gain her positions within public office.


The point is Kamala Harris thinks you are stupid.  She thinks she can lie to you about things that have been called out as such numerous times and then she can sit there and speak to you like you’re dumb.  She looks at you and me with contempt.  She thinks that, unless you support her unconditionally, you hate her because she’s a woman or a minority, or whatever other unfounded garbage she could come up with to rationalize why she can justifiably hate you. I would no more do what Kamala did, to my 11-year-old in my kitchen, than I would to a country in a debate.  She sat there, smug, smirking, and fake smiling when Pence was calling her out for the worst of her actual record and then would demand the ability to lie without consequences. I really hope that enough Americans send her packing in November.


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