Watch: Dan Crenshaw Assembles Texas Team in the Most Badass Campaign Video You've Ever Seen

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(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Congressman and Wounded Vet Dan Crenshaw has always riled up conservatives.

But this latest video that has almost a million views at the time this article is written takes the cake for the most badass commercial I have ever seen. In the video, Dan Crenshaw skydives into locations to pick up his “team” to save Texas.


He first picks up Wesley Hunt, a West Point grad and 8 year veteran with the Army, served in Iraq and Saudi Arabia before returning home to complete three Master’s degrees. Hunt is running in Texas’  7th District in Southeast Texas.  Together with Hunt, Crenshaw recruits August Pfluger who is being a “mechanic” on Hunt’s helicopter.  Pfluger is a veteran pilot too, having flown F-22s in Iraq and Syria.  Pfluger is running in Texas’ 11th District in the heart of Texas.  The three then travel to meet Beth VanDuyne, the former mayor Irving Texas, running in the 24th Congressional District in Texas in the Dallas area.  Van Duyne is interrupted as she is handing out a proclamation to officers and joins the boys as they pick up, Tony Gonzales, a cryptologist and Navy Information Officer (retired as a Master Chief) after “disconnecting” him from his work.  Gonzales is running in Texas’ 23rd District that runs from San Antonio to El Paso.  Lastly, the team picks up Genevieve Collins, who comes from a Dallas Political family, is seen sparring with a man who she puts down.  When she asks, “who’s next?,” the boys all take a pass while Van Duyne steps up for the challenge.


The team has been assembled.  They are “awaiting their next mission.”




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