No, Cindy McCain Didn't *Just* Endorse Biden; She Was Featured at the DNC in August

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(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)

News broke yesterday that the widow of Senator John McCain was going to endorse Joe Biden for President.  The media treated this as some stunning revelation or shocker.


The NY Times headline read, “Cindy McCain Endorses Biden, Citing Trump’s Disparagement of Troops.”

Which is a load of crap.  Let’s not pretend for a moment that Cindy McCain was a fan of Trump, ever.  To suggest that this is some shocking development is wildly misleading.  First, she herself banned Trump from attending her husband’s funeral.  Second, she has been critical of the President his entire Presidency.  Her husband hated Trump and so did she.  Lastly, and most importantly, she basically endorsed Biden at the DNC last month, well before the Atlantic published Trump’s alleged comments.


Cindy can’t come out for Biden then AND now.  The Atlantic’s long-disproven article was as much a motivation for Cindy’s endorsement as was what she had for breakfast.  She was in Biden’s corner from the get-go.  Pretending otherwise is delusional.

It is absolutely hilarious that they suggest that Biden and McCain were buddies.  Sure, they worked together and sure, they agreed sometimes.  I’m sure they probably even counted each other as friends.   It is, however, not hard to forget that McCain’s run at the Presidency was ended, in part, because of Joe Biden. It is almost like the media forgets that Biden literally ran against McCain in 2008, when both represented their parties on their different tickets.  I can personally say that if one of my best friends were running for an office, I certainly wouldn’t join the ticket to defeat him.


In 2008, Biden was clear that McCain was out of touch, wrong and his service qualified him for little more than VA benefits.  Liberals who praise McCain are two-faced liars, as we can all remember when they called him a racist, sexist, homophobe.  Biden even asking for McCain’s widow to participate in this is only feeding into her dislike for Trump and likely has zero to do with any “respect” Biden held for McCain.  They are using McCain’s widow as a prop, nothing more.

Acting like this endorsement was unforeseen is ridiculous. Cindy was always going to endorse Biden, but her endorsement was solidified in August at the DNC.  Not now.



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