Florida Attorney General Recommends Investigation Into Bloomberg's Pandering Pay-Felons-to-Vote Scam

Democratic National Convention via AP
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 (Democratic National Convention via AP)

As reported earlier, former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg had raised and spent a reported 20 million dollars, in paying off the fines of over 30,000 Florida felons.


Many, including Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, thought that the move was likely illegal and therefore, deserved investigation.

The billionaire New Yorker is in for some bad news as Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has now recommended an investigation to be conducted by both the FBI and FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement).  Read the letter below

The left is trying to characterize Bloomberg’s actions as being akin to offering rides to the polls or offering the handicapped access to braille or audio machines.

That idea is patently stupid, as fines for committing crimes are intended to be punitive and compensatory.  In other words, someone who has has a fine assessed should have to pay said fine because it is a portion of the sentence assessed with the conviction and/or adjudication of the case.  Bloomberg could no more assess people to serve jail sentences or parole in proxy than he can in offering to pay the fines associated.  Bloomberg’s actions are a direct interference in the criminal justice system and eliminate a portion of a felon’s court-ordered restitution to victims or society for their transgression of the law.


Additionally, funds spent in this regard are gifts and while the IRS allows someone to gift those funds and the amounts paid to exceed current exemptions on gifts, it still requires those amounts to be reported on the gifter’s taxes.  It is unlikely Bloomberg or any of the organizations intend to file that on their taxes.

It is unlikely Bloomberg faces any adverse effects of this because Bloomberg is likely going to do what he always does when faced with a challenge:  Throw more money at it.



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