Watch: Martha McSally Goes 'Maverick' in New 'Fighter' Campaign Ad

AP Photo/Matt York


Martha McSally’s campaign released a new campaign video that is part biopic, part “Top Gun” homage.

McSally is locked in a tight battle for her Arizona Senate seat that she was appointed to in 2019 by Governor Doug Ducey.  Her opponent, former astronaut, twin, and husband to former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly has a slight lead in the polls in that race.

The video begins with McSally, decked out in a full flight suit and gear, in a slow-mo walk while discussing her qualifications for the office.  As she climbs into her fighter, she calls her opponent “flashy” before saying she is voters’ girl.

“I’m Martha McSally.  At 12, I lost my dad.  At 17, I became a survivor and at 18, I was told girls can’t be fighter pilots.  Then, I became the first woman to fly a fighter jet in combat and help lead the air war after 9/11.  America faces serious challenges but we will overcome them.  I approve this message because if you want flashy, you’ve got a guy. But if you want a fighter, I’m your girl.”