Hypocrisy Alert: Leaked Podesta Emails Show Democrats Were Considering Scalia's Replacement Just Hours After His Death

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

Since the announcement of the passing of Justice Ginsburg on Friday, the left has been on a march to block any effort of Republicans to replace the deceased judge on the Court.  Among the “defenses” they are offering is the “too-soon” claim, that is “She just died and Republicans are soulless for attempting to replace her this soon.”

Obviously, with any vacancy on the Supreme Court, either party will work with any advantage they have to fill those seats with their preferred judges, as soon as possible.  Maybe Democrats have a point in the “timing” of this, right?


Wikileaks obtained (either legally or illegally) access to John Podesta’s emails from the hours after the death of Antonin Scalia in 2016.  The emails, which are available here, have varying degrees of discussion into the replacement from suggestions of replacements to articles about how Democrats would be “favored” in their choice of a new judge.

The first, seems pretty tame as it seems to be a guy who is unsure as to whether or not Podesta still checks this email, but makes his recommendation for replacement none the less:

Even Donna Brazille got in on the mix, emailing an article about the political climate that Democrats faced in replacing Scalia.

Other Hillary staffers emailed the news about Scalia’s death, again discussing Democrats’ chances in replacing Scalia.

Of course, a campaign will discuss these matters, but you could expect the White House to hold off right? Again, wrong. Here is an email of a forward from Podesta to the White House’s Executive Office of The President, discussing a potential replacement for Scalia.

With all the talk of Hypocrisy surrounding Ginsburg’s seat, it seems Democrats are okay with doing these very things themselves. Should Republicans fill the Ginsburg seat? Perhaps, but they definitely have additional means of proving that the Democrats would be doing the same thing in their shoes.