Peak Ridiculousness: USC Professor Suspended for Saying Chinese Word That Sounds Like English Racial Slur

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
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 (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

If 2020’s rampage of stupidity couldn’t go any further, a story out of Los Angeles might just convince you the modern-left has literally ruined everything.


University of Southern California Professor Greg Patton, in the process of teaching a class was discussing standard vocal patterns in different cultures.  In explaining the Chinese pattern of using the word “that”, which translates into Chinese as  “nega,” Patton said the word in quick succession which led to students questioning his use of the word.

“Two things, one is you can… you have a lot of um or ers, and this is culturally specific so based on your native language, like in China the common word is ‘that’ that, that, that, that, so in China it might be ‘nega.’ Nega, nega, nega. So there’s different words that you hear in different countries but they’re vocal disfluencies. That’s saying that, that, that, um, um, um, er, er, er. “

Students immediately took offense to Patton’s use of the word “nega” because how close the word sounds to the infamous “n-word”.  Patton was put on temporary suspension while the school conducts an investigation.

To add insult to injury on this, USC has offered students who were hurt by the word that wasn’t the word, “supportive measures” to help them deal with the offensive, yet completely non-offensive language.


USC made a statement to Campus Reform about the alleged incident and the suspension of Professor Patton:

“Recently, a USC faculty member during class used a Chinese word that sounds similar to a racial slur in English. We acknowledge the historical, cultural and harmful impact of racist language.”

Except it wasn’t racist language, but of course that doesn’t stop the left from tearing down anyone or anything that “hurts” them.

It is hoped that this Professor lawyers up and sues the school for this action that they took against him and the effect it has had on his professional reputation.

More importantly what does USC think they are doing by bowing to the complaints of a few of the ultra-offended.  Life is full of offensive things and sometimes we have to just ignore them.  Life is also full of thing that aren’t offensive but yet people still find a way to take offense.  USC should have just told these students, you didn’t hear what you thought you heard and you owe an apology to the professor for accusing him of racist language.  Instead of preparing students for the picket line, they should be preparing them for life.


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