War of the Words: Morons Think Fake Radio Broadcast is Real Trump Resistance

In 1938, Orson Welles scared the daylights out of thousands of Americans, by broadcasting a fake radio program that sounded like a news program detailing the invasion of the Earth by extra terrestrials.  Years later, the War of the Worlds broadcast remains one of the greatest trolls of all time.

Nearly 80 years later, Amazon decided the launching of a fake radio broadcast that goes along with their hit streaming show The Man in the High Castle (which is AMAZING by the way) was a great idea (they weren’t wrong).  For those who do not know, the show surrounds the events in an alternate-world;  A world where the Germans and Japanese won World War II.

Resistance Radio was launched allowing listeners to hear a “broadcast” of resistance fighters who oppose the Nazis.  A very creative way to promote a show, in my own opinion.

It didn’t however, go unnoticed by Twitter-ites, who like their 1938 counterparts, thought that the broadcast was real.  Not that it was real talking about Nazis won World War II.  Real like they were referring to Donald Trump and his supporters as Hitler and Nazis.

I wish I were making this up.  I really, REALLY do.   The stupidity wasn’t partisan either. It was picked up by both liberals and conservatives on Twitter, using #ResistanceRadio.  People on both sides of the gullible and stupid aisle, were tweeting about the radio broadcast as if it were about Trump.

From liberals:


From Trump supporters:

Worse yet, the media picked up the story this morning to share some headlines that don’t exactly match up with the Twitter-scape.


Wait?  Only Trump supporters?  As you can see, it isn’t very hard to find people on both sides of the political spectrum who are equally dumb and gullible.  To suggest that Trump supporters somehow have a monopoly on stupidity ignores the same people who probably goated many of the gullible right into responding to it.  Already I have seen people sharing the above articles as slamming Trump supporters, but neither seem to mention the hundreds of tweets from liberals whom thought it was a real broadcast as well.

I don’t mind making fun of stupidity, but let’s be equal opportunists with our mockery. Let’s be honest about whom is doing what.  Were liberals fooled as well?  Yes?  Then put that in your article.

Finally, a closing note to everyone:  Read a book.

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