If Dems Want Trump to Stop Talking About Wiretaps, They Should Stop Talking about Russia

As discussed in a post yesterday, I suggested that Trump had backed the left into a neat little corner regarding the wiretap accusation he leveled.

What is important to note about the wiretap accusation is that Team-Trump has exactly as much evidence to back it up as Team-MSM has to back up their Russia story. Both to me, are wild and fanciful dreams that one side is going to pin the other with some major scandal to discredit and eliminate their rivals.  I don’t think there is any information anywhere that is going to prove either side correct or even slightly accurate.


What is to note here is the positioning each side is in for “winning the argument” and controlling the narrative. With these two entities fighting, no one wins and America loses, but someone has to come out on top, right?  It appears that Donald Trump and his team have placed themselves in a Win, Win, Win situation. (We never win anymore do we?)

First, let’s look at the accusations Trump faces.  It is accused (and backed up by some surveillance that dems said happened and then said didn’t) that Trump and his team had contact with the Russians who then used hacked information to influence the outcome of our election.  All feigned anger aside (US officials have made a career of influencing foreign elections), there is absolutely ZERO (is there a number less than zero?) evidence to suggest this occurred.  Any campaign staff that was under investigation, was so for banking issues from years past, and nothing related to the Russian Government or campaigning on behalf of Trump.

The left (Obama et al) are being accused of monitoring Donald Trump’s campaign during the campaign season in hopes of finding some nefarious Russian tie.  Conservative talking-heads have been spinning their wheels regarding FISA warrants, and illegal wiretapping.  What we do know this that General Mike Flynn, who resigned over confirmation he did have contact with the Russian Ambassador, was monitored via a wiretap, and presumably (liberals better hope this is true) intelligence officials had a warrant to do so.  What is unproven and likely not the case, is that Trump himself had his phone’s bugged and that Obama or one of his lackeys ordered a wiretap.  As stated with the other accusation, there is absolutely ZERO evidence to suggest this occurred.   (For the record, GatewayPundit is not a news source… and aggregating off of him is even worse.) Using “unnamed sources” as your source is just as bad as when liberals do it.


As previously stated, it isn’t that one side or another is going to prove the other right or wrong with some magic evidence that will appear.  What is likely is that one side will out position the other and win the narrative battle.  In this case, Trump has done a masterful job of placing himself in a likely position to come out ahead for the following reasons:

  • If there was an investigation, Trump just outed it.  While the vast amount of evidence available to us suggests that there was no investigation, if there was, Trump just called it out onto the mat.  Now, any investigation will be discovered by any House investigation or will have to be concealed and any future exposure of Trump will show that whomever was investigating him or his campaign was lying and would be immediately discredited.
  • If there wasn’t an investigation, there couldn’t possibly be evidence of Trump or his campaign working with the Russians.  Liberals will have to finally admit that there isn’t any evidence of Trump or any officials working with the Russians to influence the election. They can’t make unsubstantiated claims they want investigated and then get all mad when Trump does the same.  Additionally, numerous intelligence officials made the Sunday rounds yesterday, unequivocally denying there was ever any investigation.  Again, no investigation = no evidence.  No evidence = Shut up about it.
  • If there was an illegal investigation it was fruitless. In a world where Trump’s breakfast is leaked to the press, liberals want us to believe that Trump and his campaign folk did indeed collaborate with the Russians despite no evidence of it being leaked.  They want us to believe that intelligence officials who haven’t remained tight lipped about LITERALLY anything since the election, have uncovered some great conspiracy and it hasn’t leaked?  That’s some Alex-Jones-level crap right there.  But even so if that was the case, and there was an investigation, which all higher-ups in intelligence deny exists and there is no leaks of, it in that case, wasn’t warranted and was illegal, which, (GOD NO!) would make Trump right.

In conclusion, a bit of advice to liberals.  If you want Trump to stop talking about evidence-less wiretaps, stop talking about evidence-less collaboration with the Russians.  There is plenty of ideological opposition you can have to Trump.  Attempting to make him look like a head-spinning anti-christ, is only going to feed into his narrative.  Stick to travel bans and healthcare fearmongering.  It is what you do best.



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