FBI Director Comey Updates Congress on Russia Investigation; Surprise! Dems Still Unhappy

FBI Director James Comey made a visit to Capitol Hill yesterday to discuss the ongoing FBI investigation into Trump campaign contact with Russian officials.

It has been reported several times during the investigation that no wrongdoing has been uncovered or found at this time, but that still has Democrats blowing their Russian dog whistles on a now multiple-times-a-day basis.


Now Democrats are furious that the investigation isn’t warranting them the information they want.  California Congressman Adam Schiff took to the airwaves and echochambers yesterday to voice his displeasure with Comey’s apparent lack of information.

“We bring the director in, we are doing our work, we are asking pertinent questions about that investigation and the answers we got today from the Director were “I won’t answer that. I won’t answer that. I won’t answer that.”

Of course Democrat Pravda anchor Rachel Maddow could hardly contain her feigned incredulity:

Maddow: “To be clear this is speaking in a closed setting, this isn’t like there are reporters there and they don’t want this to leak.  This is behind closed doors.”

Schiff: “Absolutely. Closed session and a hearing on the subject of the investigation?”

Maddow: “What’s the basis for saying no to you?”

Of course the irony isn’t lost on us that they are talking on NATIONAL TELEVISION about a closed door session in which they are supposed to have confidential discussions about potentially classified information, and how the FBI is supposed to trust that these Congressmen won’t run to the press and spoil an investigation.  Maybe he won’t answer that question because the first thing you’re going to do is head off to the squak box to tell everyone what you just heard in a closed door meeting.


We all know that if the FBI Director had shared information about a fruitless investigation and the players involved, Schiff and the rest of his ilk would have been out sharing the players names.  Take a look at Mike Flynn.  He resigned over false testimony, which he should have done.  The democrats were all over him suggesting he coordinated some sort of sabotage of US Elections.  Later, it was revealed that there was no criminal wrongdoing or nefarious content to Flynn’s meetings with Russian officials.
Now comes the revelation from honesty watchdog Congressman Trey Gowdy, that Comey did indeed give a full testimony and information about the ongoing investigation.

“Jim Comey did more today to update us than I have ever had done in the 6 years I have been there and for Adam to treat it that way, that dismissively, clearly he and I were in two separate rooms this morning.”

In other words, because the FBI Director didn’t tell the Democrats what they wanted to hear, they MUST have been misleading in their testimony.  Since liberals have built up this idea in their heads that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government, they refuse to believe anything that may contradict it, including evidence and testimony from the intelligence agency that outed the contact in the first place.  Simply put, it isn’t that Comey “won’t answer that.” It is that he doesn’t “answer that how they wanted.”



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