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Image by Jeremy Atkinson via Flickr (
Image by Jeremy Atkinson via Flickr.

Welcome to “Sunday Sunshine,” a new weekly column I’ve started to highlight some of the good news out there. It can be all too easy to get dragged down by negativity, especially in the divisive atmosphere of our 24-7 news cycle, so it’s a good idea to remember that most people aren’t like the trolls you find on Twitter. In fact, most people are generally good people, and they’re doing some very good things. Sunday Sunshine will seek to highlight that, plus of course some cute animal videos and random silly things I find, because isn’t that why we have the internet?


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Jackson Proskow, the Washington Bureau Chief for the Canadian Global News, witnessed a moving scene on a recent flight from Dallas to Washington, D.C. The plane was carrying the remains of an American pilot, Col. Roy Knight Jr., whose plane had been shot down during the Vietnam War in 1967. Knight’s remains had recently been recovered and were being returned home to his family, with a very special pilot for that flight: Knight’s own son, who had watched his father depart for the war and had grown up to be a pilot himself.


Read Proskow’s full story here.

The promised cute animal content: Check out this video of a baby duck being reunited with his siblings after successfully being rescued and rehabbed. According to the original post on Reddit, he noticed the little duck was having increasing trouble walking, eventually becoming immobile. He took the duck to a wildlife rehabber who diagnosed him with botulism poisoning and nursed him back to health.

After the duck recovered, the rescuer brought him back to his family, and “As you can see, all the feels ensued.”

Baby duck reunited with siblings after being rehabbed. from r/aww

Here’s a story I covered last week, in case you missed it. After Shoshana Ovitz was freed from the Auschwitz concentration camp at the end of World War II, she married and had four children. She just celebrated her 104th birthday in Israel, surrounded by about four hundred of her descendants. The photos from her family gathering at the Western Wall are a powerful testament to the power of faith and family to triumph over evil.


Holocaust Survivor Celebrates Her 104th Birthday Surrounded By 400 Descendants

And something completely silly: for my fellow Gen-Xers and everyone who loves LEGOs, you can now build your very own Central Perk out of LEGOs, including Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and even Gunther:

Finally, if you’re not already following Rodney Smith, Jr. (@iamrodneysmith) on Twitter, you need to do so. Smith has been traveling across America, providing free lawn mowing to veterans, senior citizens, single mothers, disabled people, and others who need help. He also has a charitable foundation where he encourages kids to help people in their own communities by mowing their lawns.

Smith’s Twitter feed is a celebration of neighbor helping neighbor, and how a little kindness can have a huge impact.


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