Heartbreaking Letter from Little Boy to Trump, and the President's Deft Response

When 8-year-old Fore Putnam’s father ended up on the kidney transplant list around Christmas last year, he sent a letter to President Donald Trump. The letter Trump sent in response has given a lot of inspiration to this family during this tough time.


According to Daily Wire, Fore’s father, Trae Putnam, has been battling a rare blood disorder for the past three years that caused his kidneys to lose function, and has to undergo dialysis treatments three times a week. Each treatment lasts five hours, and leaves him too sick to work.

Sad to see his dad going through such struggles, Fore sent letters to President Donald Trump, First Daughter Ivanka Trump, and Santa Claus.

“Dear Mr. President,” wrote Fore. “My dad has been sick for a long time. He has to have a kidney to live…I want him to get better, so he can get a job again so we can play. My mom just left, so if my dad gets better, she might come back.”

“That’s all I want for Christmas,” he concluded, adding “maybe one toy.”

This week, Fore’s grandmother Sheila Sherrill, got a letter on official White House stationery and excitedly called her son.

“I went to the mailbox and I got it out and it was in the official envelope,” she told CBS News. “I really thought it’s probably just a canned picture of him with some sort of canned response. But I called my son and told him that Fore had some mail here. And when we opened it, I was just in awe. As busy as presidents are, he took the time to write to an eight-year-old that has such a heart for his dad.”


Trump’s letter praised Fore for being “a brave young man with a big heart” and said that his staff was looking into what help they could provide for his father:

Dear Fore,

Thank you for sharing your story with me. I am so sorry to hear that your dad is going through a difficult time. It is clear to me that you care so much for him. I have shared your letter with my staff, and they are working to see what help they can provide.

I can tell that you are a brave young man with a big heart. I admire your determination to make sure your dad has the support and resources he needs to feel better. I hope you know how much joy and encouragement you already bring to him.

Mrs. Trump and I will keep you and your dad in our thoughts and prayers.

With very best wishes,

Donald J. Trump

Trae Putnam didn’t even know that his son had written to the president until the response arrived, and told CBS News that the letter really had brought him hope.

“I’ve been on the kidney list for three years and you kind of feel helpless,” he said. “just like I’m never going to get it. But all of the people that’ve responded to it on Facebook, and people calling. We’ve actually had a few people give us their information that are interested in maybe donating.”


“It’s really made me smile again.”

Most of all, he said, “I just want people to know how proud I am of my son. He’s really special. He always thinks about everybody else more than he thinks of himself and that’s rare for an 8 year old.”

Sherrill, Fore’s grandmother, has also set up a GoFundMe page at www.GoFundMe.com/Trae-Needs-a-Kidney, to “help with current and future medical expenses for Trae, and any costs associated with donation for the donor.” Any extra funds they raise will be donated to The National Kidney Foundation and The Kidney Project.

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