Hillary Clinton Gives a Shoutout to 'Activist B*tches' in Latest Attempt to Stay Relevant

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This is just embarrassing, but oh-so-fantastic at the same time.

Earlier tonight, Huffington Post commentator and co-founder of “Bros4Hillary” (now relabeled as “Bros4America”) Alex Mohajer apparently ran into former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and tweeted a short video of her.


In the video, Clinton thanked her supporters for “your feminism, your activism” and expressed her hope that they “keep up the really important good work.”

After being prompted by someone off camera to say something for “the activist b*tches supporting b*tches,” Clinton did just that, saying the exact phrase she was handed, as she laughed and smiled.

OK then. President Donald Trump reportedly said some countries are “sh**holes,” and now Clinton is getting in on the swearing. That’ll convince the kids you’re cool, for sure.

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At the time this article was written, the video had been seen about a hundred thousand times. Mohajer reveled in the attention his tweet received, imploring his followers to get #ActivistBitches and #DumpTrump to trend. (Neither hashtag was trending — not in Austin, Texas where I live, not in Washington, not in Los Angeles, not in New York, and certainly not nationwide.)


Mohajer also bragged about the fact that he had written a couple hundred articles and never referred to President Donald Trump as “President.”

Wow, you’re really fighting the power there, Alex. Rebellion against standard journalistic style aside (You’ll note I make it a practice to refer to all presidents by their title when first mentioned, whether it’s someone I supported or not. President Donald Trump, former President Barack Obama, former President Ronald Reagan, etc.), I honestly hope Mohajer and his “Bros4Hillary” really do “keep up the really important good work” like Clinton asked them to do.


I have been saying for awhile that one of the greatest assets the Republican Party has are the Democrats.

A video of Hillary Clinton awkwardly giving a shoutout to her “activist b*tches” — and only because she’s prompted to do so — is a perfect reminder of what an amazingly unlikable candidate she was in the eyes of most American voters. Plus, the more time and energy diehard liberal activists spend celebrating Clinton, the less oxygen available for any Democrats who aren’t septuagenarians.

Fine by me.

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