Government Shutdown: Chuck Schumer Was Right (Yes Really!)

Fair is fair. Just like I praised Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell earlier for some smart messaging strategy regarding the government shutdown, I have to admit something that may sound a bit shocking.


Chuck Schumer was right.

Yes, the New York Democrat’s comments about government shutdowns were correct…in 2013.

Senate Republicans pulled some video clips from 2013 of Schumer, with some great cameos from Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi.

“It would be governmental chaos,” said Schumer. “It’s a politics of idiocy.”

Democrats voted against a bill they otherwise support, allowing the government to shutdown and CHIP funding to expire in multiple states.

All because they don’t yet have a deal on DACA, which doesn’t expire until March at the earliest (and maybe even later depending what the courts do).

That sure sounds like the politics of idiocy to me. Exactly like it. Which means that the impossible is true…

Schumer was right!

Bet he wishes he weren’t.

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