Seth Meyers' Pledge to Avoid Trump Jokes at Golden Globes Lasts 3 Minutes

GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS (75TH ANNUAL)-- Pictured: "Golden Globe Awards (75th Annual)" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC)

Well, that didn’t last long.

A few days ago, Seth Meyers told The Hollywood Reporter that when he hosted the Golden Globes tonight, he wouldn’t have time to waste on jokes about President Donald Trump.


While happy to take jabs at Donald Trump on his own show, Meyers said he wants to leave Trump out of this year’s ceremony…

[T]he 44-year-old comedian said he has bigger and better things to mock. “Especially this year with everything that’s happened in Hollywood, it seems far more important to have the focus there as opposed to anything that’s happening in Washington,” he said, referring to Hollywood’s ongoing conversation regarding sexual harassment and assault, stemming from the October allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

Conservatives are used to being the target of jokes at these events. So how did Meyers do with his pledge to avoid mocking Trump?

He lasted a total of three minutes.

To be fair, the joke was funny — I’ll admit I chuckled — but it does make his THR interview look a bit silly now.

If you’re curious, the joke was (I’m paraphrasing) that the awards were hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press, three words certain to annoy Donald Trump. The only three words he could hate more would be “Hillary Mexico Salad.”


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UDPATE: A very similar joke was also apparently told at last year’s Golden Globes, so it’s not even unique.

UPDATE #2: A second Trump joke about half an hour into the show, this time about Trump’s “very stable genius” tweet. Hey, he has a First Amendment right to make all the jokes he wants about the President, and they’re at least kinda funny, but why bother saying he wasn’t going to do this?

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