Proof That Seeing Hillary Clinton Naked Causes Violence (VIDEO)

Remember the naked Trump statues that popped up around the country several months ago? We only thought that was as gross as it could get.  Turns out, it gets worse.


A statue of a grotesque, naked Hillary Clinton caused controversy early Tuesday morning in downtown Manhattan as morning commuters watched the scene unfold.

The statue portrayed a topless Hillary Clinton with hoofed feet, and a Wall Street banker with his head in her breasts.  And it will haunt your dreams for years to come.  Consider this a warning.

A woman who worked nearby took issue with the statue and apparently couldn’t get to her safe space in time, so she resorted to violently knocking the statue over and yelling at the artist who made it, 27-year old Anthony Scioli.  Because feminism and stuff.  The Daily News reported:

“’To put something up like this in front of my work place…I shouldn’t have to see this,’ she later told the Daily News, fighting back tears as she gestured toward the crude figure.

Leave it to a liberal to overdramatize something like this. Fighting back tears.  Really?  I mean, I agree, the thought of a topless Hillary Clinton is offensive and vomit inducing, and something nobody should have to see. But fighting back tears?  Clearly, she’s a super stable lady.


Video taken by the Daily News shows the fight between Scioli and the woman as she makes several attempts to prevent him from propping the statue back up, even going so far as to sit on the statue herself so he couldn’t lift it off the ground.  Watch the madness below:

The situation ended around 8:30 am when officers with the counterterrorism unit arrived on the scene and made Scioli take the statue down because he didn’t have a permit to display it.

Counterterrorism unit…makes sense.  Seeing an image of Hillary Clinton’s naked body, I’ve never felt more terror in my life.


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