Brandon Morse On the GOP: "Let This Party Burn to the Ground"

During an appearance on Dana Loesch’s show on TheBlaze, RedState’s Brandon Morse engaged Fox News Radio host John Gibson in a spirited debate about which was more important, principle or victory.

“You’re at a point where principles act to your detriment because you need to win,” said Gibson.  This did not sit well with TheBlaze’s Lawrence Jones and RedState’s Brandon Morse.  Jones and Morse excitedly responded in disagreement.

“Because they were so willing to jump on board with the guy who resonated with their anger, and everyone in the GOP was willing to jump on that train, and he had no chance of winning from the beginning. We knew that. We knew that from every poll,” said Morse.

Dana reminded them that the Democrats had also released information that proved the Hillary campaign was actively trying to promote Donald Trump, as they prefered him to be Clinton’s opponent.

“So we had a Republican party who jumped right into the fire even though they knew they were going to get burned.”You know what? Let this party burn down,” continued Morse. “Let this party burn to the ground.”