2016 Largely Sucks, But Here is one Bright Spot Featuring a Texas Police Officer

It’s been a draining week full of bleakness and despair for conservatives and Republicans alike, but it’s Friday and we’re ready for some hope.


Carrollton Police Department recently released body cam footage from a noise complaint one of their officers was assigned to investigate.  He approached a group of African American men, and no one was hostile or rude.  Watch what a difference it makes when all parties are respectful and cooperative.

Your feel-good story for the day:

And that isn’t the end of the story.  The groom, David Opegbemi, sent Carrollton Police Department a video of the final result of all that late night rehearsing.  Check it out:

A great reminder what can happen when we walk into a situation with mutual respect and without preconceived notions.


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