Trump Supporter Lou Dobbs Just Doxxed one of Trump's Accusers

Fox Business News anchor Lou Dobbs just added his name to the list of Trump supporters who have decided that basic human decency does not apply this election season.


On Thursday morning, Dobbs tweeted out a link to a conservative website that published 74-year-old Jessica Leeds’ address and phone number.  Leeds accused Donald Trump of groping her during a flight while they sat together in first class.

The website claims that Leeds’ phone number listed in public records is a number that also belongs to the Clinton Foundation.  In a turn of events that should be surprising to exactly no one, it turns out the claim is completely false- there is no link to Leeds and the Clinton Foundation.  And yet her information is now all over the internet.

Now Dobbs is getting up there in age, maybe he just overlooked the fact that Leeds’ personal information was included in this link.  Surely he wouldn’t purposely contribute to the spreading of someone’s home phone number and address, right?


Well, yes he would.  Because he also retweeted a tweet from a Trump supporter that publicized Leeds’ address and phone number.  It was later deleted, but likely by Twitter and certainly not by him, as his quote is still visible but the original tweet he quoted is no longer accessible.


Notice the irony in him saying “this is the dirtiest campaign in our history.”  He probably should have clarified it was dirty in part because of people like him.

Lou Dobbs currently has 793,000 Twitter followers and the tweet was retweeted almost 1,000 times, with at least several hundred of those retweeting it before the information was taken down.



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