Trump Whines About Paul Ryan...Again


In a Monday morning tweet, Donald Trump took aim at Paul Ryan, saying he should spend more time on his job than on fighting with the Republican nominee.


Well, as hard as it is to believe, he wasn’t done complaining about Ryan.  How out of character for Trump.

He continued his early morning trend of complain-tweeting on Tuesday, and this time it was just downright delusional:

Weird, because I saw virtually no reliable polls showing Donald Trump won the second debate.  But facts are non-existent when you live in Trump land.

Update: Shortly after his first tweet, another followed:

Gee, he sure knows how to convince someone to get back behind him.  Surely by continuing to bully and insult him, he’ll talk him back into it.  Call it a hunch, but I’m not entirely sure this is what “unifying the party” looks like.

So, is Trump setting up his excuse for when he inevitably loses the election?  “It wasn’t my fault!  I did everything right, it was the Republican party’s fault!  Those stupid, inconvenient principles!”



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