Bill Clinton is Irrelevant- You Picked Trump, So Own Him

Friday afternoon, the release of Donald Trump’s “hot mic” moment in which he spoke of using his power and status to prey on women sent the Republican party into a tailspin.  Those with actual morals and principles, regardless of the political parties they associate with, condemned the behavior for what it was: predatory and disgusting.


Then there were those whose morals are more flexible, more forgiving if one has the right letter in front of their name.  Trump himself released a campaign statement initially calling the conversation “locker room talk.”  He added, “I apologize if anyone was offended.” He did later release a video apologizing and then bringing up Bill Clinton’s sordid history with women.

And here is only a small sample of what avid Trump supporters have been saying in defense of Donald Trump, as if there is any defense, mostly by bringing up Bill Clinton:

Disgusting, abhorrent, nauseating justifications.  Maximum spin.  Pushing false narratives.  The list goes on.


Let’s get one thing straight.  As terrible a person as Bill Clinton is, Bill Clinton is not running for president.  Bill Clinton’s name is not on the ballot anywhere.  If someone wants to have a conversation about Hillary Clinton’s own personal treatment and degradation of women, let’s have the conversation.  That could actually be a fruitful discussion.

But if we are going to fault a woman for simply being married to someone who turned out to be a bad man, we are opening the door to all the judgment the left has been placing on us for years.  We are hypocrites, we are misogynists, we are simply holier-than-thou-jerks.

We cannot in good conscience go around touting the sanctity of marriage and the importance of marriage vows, and then turn around and judge a woman for staying in a marriage, for whatever reason. We cannot assign blame to Hillary Clinton for her husband’s indiscretions.

In fact, criticizing Hillary for staying married to Bill BECAUSE of his treatment of women, is only inadvertently admitting that this kind of behavior towards women is wrong.  So bringing it up to minimize Donald Trump’s behavior is even more ridiculous and short-sighted.

Bill Clinton should not even come up when discussing Donald Trump’s behavior.  He’s irrelevant to this conversation.  If something is wrong, it is wrong.  Period.  At least have the courage and moral decency to call it what it is without the excuse that someone else’s spouse is worse.


This is your guy.  The guy you picked, despite our warnings.  The guy who has a long and well-documented history of degrading others.  The guy whose lack of morals was very well known at the beginning of the election cycle.  You picked him anyway, and you never hesitated to throw that in the rest of our faces.  So don’t you dare have the audacity to bring up Bill Clinton as if he has anything to do with Donald Trump being exactly the person we all said he was.

Again, if the argument is that Hillary Clinton also has a history of mistreating women, then have the conversation.  If the argument is that Donald Trump’s actions are wrong, and as despicable as he is, you still find him better suited than his opponent, then have that argument.  Disagreements will occur, but at least it’s an honest conversation.

But don’t push a false narrative where we’re comparing Donald Trump to Bill Clinton in the race for president.  You picked Donald Trump.  So own him.  And enjoy your Hillary Clinton presidency.

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