Donald Trump Now Campaigning with Convicted Murderer Don King

Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Ohio in Wednesday, where he was joined by none other than boxing promoter Don King.

Yes, in case you were wondering, this is the same Don King who was convicted of second degree murder  (although the judge took pity on him and sentenced him under manslaughter guidelines) and served four years in prison.


The guy he killed, by the way, was a poor employee of his who owed him a whopping $600. King beat him unconscious with his bare hands and then stomped him to death. Over $600. For a guy who has made millions in his career lubricating the wheels of the corrupt professional boxing business.

King, who supported Barack Obama in the last two elections, is giving Donald Trump his full support in the race to become the next president.  I’m not really sure what attracts King – a lifelong liberal Democrat – to Donald Trump, other than the fact that Trump is also a lifelong liberal Democrat and they are both terrible people.

Anyway, while introducing Trump to the crowd, King not only dropped the n-word, he also said that white women should all vote for Trump because he will break the system and lift the chains of their oppression. Or something.

I am not kidding:


First of all, the idea that Donald Trump welcomes a convicted murderer to speak on his behalf should show that either A) he is a stupid person with terrible values or B) he realizes he is going to lose this race if he doesn’t drum up more support than the white nationalist vote he has now.  In this case, it is both A and B.  Can anyone imagine the comments that would come from Trump supporters if Hillary had someone with King’s background stumping for her on the campaign trail?


The same people who (justifiably) roasted Obama for palling around with Bill Ayers (who negligently killed people) are not going to blink an eye at Trump being introduced by a man who stomped one of his employees to death.

Second, what on earth is Don King doing, going out on stage and talk about the social injustices of white women – on behalf of Trump?  The same women that Trump has said previously “have it better than men.”  The same women that Trump has spent a majority of his life mocking and belittling, calling fat slobs, objectifying, and demeaning.

Those women are now supposed to vote for Trump because of some supposed injustice in the system.  Because Trump is going to be the one to fix it for them.  And also, you should really trust a convicted murderer’s perspective on life.

Trump once said he would only surround himself with “the best people,” he sure has an interesting concept of what the term “best” means.


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