Clinton Fires Back: The Advertisement War Between Trump and Clinton is Heating Up (VIDEOS)


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is letting her adversary Donald Trump do the talking for her in her latest ad released Tuesday, titled “Low Opinion.”


Responding to Trump’s ad targeting Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment, Clinton decided to use Trump’s own words against him in the 60-second spot.  The Clinton campaign says it will run on national cable and will be one of many ads bought with the $77 million the campaign has on hand for September and October advertisement spots.

Watch both ads below:

Low Opinion:

Now Trump wasn’t wrong to try and capitalize off Clinton’s remark (this is politics, after all), but the simple fact he may have overlooked is that if this turns into a battle of using one’s own words against them, Hillary Clinton has an entire war chest full of ammunition at her disposal.

That’s the great thing about being Hillary Clinton in 2016 – you can make about one billion different effective ads using nothing but video of Trump talking. It’s an election that’s almost impossible for any human being to lose. The resurrected corpse of Eugene McCarthy could probably beat Donald Trump by 5 points in a national election. How, then, is Clinton such an awful candidate that she’s allowing Trump to keep it close?


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