Meet the Former Miss Universe Who Became a U.S. Citizen So She Could Vote Against Trump

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado just became a U.S. citizen, and she isn’t playing coy about her motives for doing so.

In an Instagram post on Friday, she said, “I’ll be voting.  All my power and support become with my next president @HillaryClinton.”

She also referenced the hateful nicknames she says Trump called her in the past, adding, “Miss Housekeeping and miss Piggy Can Vote.”


In an interview with Inside Edition back in May, Venezuelan born Machado said that Donald Trump verbally abused her “all the time,” including making fun of her accent by calling her “Miss Housekeeping.”  But he’s really not racist, right?  Maybe he was just genuinely confused, or something.

And after gaining some weight during her time as Miss Universe, Machado says Trump pressured her so hard to lose the weight that she suffered from eating disorders for five years after.  The NY Times reported in May that Trump didn’t dispute pressuring her, simply saying, “To that, I will plead guilty.”  Sounds like a man who is proud of his actions.  Just a class act.

During a follow up interview with Inside Edition on Friday, Machado made it clear why she became a U.S. citizen: for her daughter, for her country, and to exercise her right to vote.

In fact, Trump made such an impression on her that she is dedicating her free time to rallying other Latinos to vote- for Hillary Clinton.

But what I really can’t get past is that a guy who looks this dumpy could have ever made fun of any woman for her weight:

trump volleyball

trump golf


And while the Republican party has claimed for years they want to do more to reach out to Hispanic and Latino voters, they of course chose to nominate the man who nicknamed a Venezuelan woman “Miss Housekeeping.”

Well, I guess Miss Housekeeping is getting the last laugh.

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