BREAKING: Three New Swing State Polls Released This Morning Are Worse for Trump than the National Polls

If Donald Trump has looked at the poll numbers this morning, he’s probably due for an incoherent, angry Twitter rant right about now.

Three new swing state polls released this morning show Trump at an even larger deficit than the newly released national poll showing him down 10 points.


A Franklin & Marshall poll in Pennsylvania shows Hillary Clinton up by 11 points, standing at 49 percent with Trump trailing at 38 percent.  Previous polls in Pennsylvania only had Clinton up by as little as six points, and Trump was even up by 2 at the beginning of July, pre-conventions.

New Hampshire has two more polls from WBUR/MassINC showing even worse news for Trump.  In a head to head matchup between Clinton and Trump, the reality TV star trails behind by an embarrassing 17 points, with Clinton at 51 and Trump at 34.

The other New Hampshire poll includes candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in the mix, and is almost just as bad for Trump.  Clinton still wins that matchup: Clinton 47, Trump at a measly 32, Johnson 8, and Stein 3.  Note that previous polls in New Hampshire had not yet shown Clinton’s lead in double digits.


And although he’s not at a deficit as bad as the states above, a new Detroit News Michigan poll shows Trump behind by 9 points.  In a matchup between Clinton, Trump, Johnson, and Stein, Clinton comes out on top at 41, Trump 32, Johnson 8 and Stein 3.

If I’m a Trump supporter, I’m wondering where all this “winning” is that I was promised.  If I’m a reasonable person, I already saw this coming a mile away.






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