BREAKING: Another New National Poll Shows Clinton With a Huge Lead

The future yet again appears gloomy for Donald Trump and his presidential aspirations.

Hillary Clinton leads Trump by 10 points nationwide, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday.


The poll shows the Clinton/Kaine ticket favored by 49 percent of voters, with the Trump/Pence ticket behind her at 39 percent.

The candidates are so unfavorable this year that in spite of Clinton polling ahead of Trump by 10 points, 61 percent of voters still would characterize her as “dishonest.”  But they maintain she at least has the knowledge and temperament to serve as president.

Trump is viewed as dishonest by 62 percent of voters, but in addition, more than half of those polled don’t believe he has the knowledge or temperament to serve.

While Clinton leads with women, 57 to 34 percent, Trump still leads among whites 49 to 39 percent.

And when Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is thrown into the mix, Clinton still leads Trump 44 to 35 percent, with Johnson receiving 12 percent.



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