Trump: I was Being "Sarcastic" About a Foreign Government Committing Espionage Against America

After receiving plenty of heat for his comments, with some even going so far as to accuse him of being treasonous, shapeshifter Donald Trump now claims he was “being sarcastic” about Russia finding Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.


In an appearance on Fox and Friends Thursday morning, when asked about his statement, Trump said:

“Of course I was being sarcastic.  And frankly, they don’t even know if it’s Russia, if it’s China, if it’s someone else.  Who knows who it is.”

Wink wink.  Nudge nudge.

Watch below:

Later on in the interview, Trump made the case that the Democrats are using his supposedly benign comments to distract from the DNC’s email scandal, stating:

“What they said in those emails is a disgrace and they’re just trying to deflect from that.”

Eh. Maybe Trump is so simple minded that he can’t believe two things at once, but I think most people can believe BOTH that the contents of the emails are problematic, and also that it might be problematic that the Russian government has engaged in what amounts to espionage in support of Donald Trump’s candidacy. It’s not either/or, it’s both/and.

But even if you believe that the Democrats are purely deflecting, who gave them the material they are currently using to deflect with? Why, none other than you, Donald Trump, of course. So if Donald Trump really objects to the Democrats using his stupid words as deflection material, maybe he should stop uttering them. Just a thought.


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