PATHOLOGICAL LIAR: Trump Suddenly Remembers that He Never Met Putin, After All

Donald Trump’s relationship with the Russians has come under scrutiny this week as the Democrats try to make their case that the Russians are purposely trying to throw the election to Trump.  Unsurprisingly, the connections make a lot of sense when you consider all the facts surrounding the situation. As streiff has noted, the Russians have been the only thing keeping Trump afloat for years and years in his private business enterprises.

Consider also that Donald Trump has suddenly changed his tune when asked about his general relationship with Putin.

Remember back in November when Trump referred to Putin as his “stablemate?”

The implication is that they’re buddies, right?  He even elaborated in a presidential debate at the time, “I got to know him very well because we were both on 60 Minutes, we were stablemates, and we did very well that day.”

Now this was quickly debunked by the internet- Trump never met Putin that day because they had filmed from completely separate locations. Also note that the 60 Minutes interview had just occurred three weeks before, so he hadn’t forgotten.  But Trump felt it was advantageous for him to be Putin’s pal at the time, and he made it so.

Well with the Democrats now sniffing around in his dealings with Russia, it isn’t so advantageous for him to be buddies with Putin, we find him reverting back to the story that he has never met Putin after all.

In an interview with CBS in Miami, Trump not only denied ever meeting Putin now, but denied that he has ever had any business dealings with him:

I guess Junior was lying when he said they see a lot of money pouring in from Russia. It must be quite difficult for all Trump’s children to keep up with his lies and remember what it is they are supposed to say on any given day.

But Trump doesn’t deal in truth and facts.  He simply spouts out what he believes to be advantageous at the time he is speaking, and doesn’t worry about being called out for lying more often than he changes underwear.  And why would he?  The American people are rewarding him for it.

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