EXCLUSIVE: Maine Delegate Tells RedState Why she was Physically Removed from the Floor by the RNC During Rules Fight

CLEVELAND, OH- On Tuesday night, I spoke with RNC committee woman and delegate Ashley Ryan from Maine.  Ashley told me she was strong-armed by RNC paid staffers who tried to intimidate her when she tried to pursue a roll call vote during the chaos on Monday.  Here is what she had to say:

And to corroborate her story, she recorded the confrontation she had with the RNC staffers she referenced in our interview, which can be viewed here:

So only after being threatened that the media was recording this supposedly “private” confrontation, RNC staffers released her back on the floor.

Just a reminder: the RNC does not care about the voice of their delegates. One wonders why they even matter or why they are even here (at RNC expense). They are clearly nothing more than expensive window dressing who will be dealt with (using force) if they get out of line.

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