BREAKING: FURIOUS Delegates Plan to Disrupt Convention Vote at 5:30pm ET (Live Blog) (UPDATED)


CLEVELAND, OH – Cruz delegates and other conservatives, furious about the way the Rules Committee debacle went down yesterday, are planning to disrupt the counting of the delegate vote, which is scheduled to occur in mere moments. Per the rules adopted by the rules committee, the secretary has been instructed to record the delegate vote in accordance with the binding rules as laid down by the RNC. The NeverTrump delegates are planning to contest these counts, which could well lead to a repeat of last night’s chaos, or worse.

RedState is here live from the convention floor and will be providing live updates here and on our Facebook page. The convention floor is quiet right now as delegates are filing in to take their seats. We’ll keep you posted right here as developments become available.


Watch the convention live from the RNC feed:

(UPDATED 6:26 PM ET) The chair announces 19 votes for DC for Trump. The DC delegation actually stands and announces 10 votes for Rubio, 9 votes for Kasich. The chair just declares the 19 votes for Trump. The Trump delegates cheer.

(UPDATED 6:31PM ET) It appears that this particular protest is going to be much quieter than the previous one. Whenever a state delegation announces a total that is different from the one the chair wants, the chair just records the total they want. Thus far, no actual ruckus has been caused.