RNC Refuses to Release List of Delegates/States Who (Allegedly) Withdrew Roll Call Petition

CLEVELAND, OH- According to numerous reports throughout the day, conservatives had petitions signed by enough states to force a roll call vote on rule changes that conservatives wanted. Not all the changes pertained to Trump at all; in fact, they were mostly just to try to prevent the establishment from taking total control of the process. In fact, many Trump delegates were in favor of them.

However, the RNC apparently twisted arms of some delegates and flat out invalidated the signatures of others to prevent a roll call vote on the package. This led to the obvious question: who were the states whose petitions were withdrawn and/or whose signatures were invalidated? At the very least, Republican voters and the media should be entitled to that information so that they can ask what pressure was applied and/or what was promised? Shouldn’t delegates whose signatures were allegedly invalidated be able to know, so they can challenge that determination?

Apparently not.

Transparency. It’s today’s GOP.