Donald Trump Is Losing his Trump University Case Due to Bias, and Here’s Why

Donald Trump’s supporters may think Trump’s biggest problem in the Trump University case is the pesky biased Mexican serving as the presiding judge.  Because guys.  Trump’s building a wall.  He’s building a wall.


Some of them might also think that his biggest problem is the fact that the plaintiff’s law firm in the Trump U case has paid Hillary Clinton an obscene amount of money for speeches.  Practically everyone is biased against Trump.  The guy can’t catch a break.

Trump spoke about the supposed bias on Tuesday:

“The law firm gave hundreds of thousands — I think it was $900,000 or $700,000 — in speaking fees to the Clintons. Plus, they contributed tremendous amounts of money to the campaign.  The whole thing is disgusting.”

Yeah, that seems really unfair.  Well, at least he has his own attorney team who has his best interest at heart.  Right?


Politico reported Tuesday that federal filings show Trump’s lead attorney Daniel Petrocelli is actually an established Clinton donor, even contributing $2,700 to her campaign AFTER he signed onto the Trump U case.


Okay, well now we get the truth.  The Trump University case clearly hasn’t been thrown out because Trump’s own lawyer is biased against him.

Well, hold on a second.  Trump himself has donated to Hillary Clinton.  So MAYBE the real reason the case hasn’t been thrown out is because Trump is biased against his own case.

Everyone involved in the case is biased against Trump- because they are either brown or they donated to Clinton.  Including Trump.

Your 2016 presidential election, ladies and gentlemen.


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