Trump Isn't a Fan of Morning Joe Anymore

Poor Donald had his precious feelings hurt by the media again, and naturally he headed straight to Twitter to revenge-tweet about it.  You know, as any mentally stable presidential candidate would do.

He took aim at Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Friday morning, claiming that the Morning Joe hosts have “lost their way.”


The tweet came in response to Brzezinski praising Hillary Clinton’s national security speech on the Friday morning show.  Brzezinski stated:

“When I watched that speech, I sat up straight and I listened to every word. I thought that was incredible. It totally resonated. No one has been able to do this. Everything she said cut. Everything she said was true. Everything she said completely resonated. It was the most devastating attack on Donald Trump that we have seen so far.”

Those are the cutting words Donald Trump just couldn’t handle.

Keep in mind: Morning Joe’s coverage of Trump has been so fawning this election cycle it has actually raised ethical concerns in media circles about the coziness of the relationship between Brzezinski, Scarborough, and Trump. They have openly mocked Trump’s Republican opponents, told him in advance what questions they planned to ask him and agreed not to ask him difficult questions, and watched election returns in his hotel room like a bunch of BFFs. During the primary, Trump was on Morning Joe more often than Willie Geist, fielding softball questions over the telephone on an almost daily basis.

And for the record, Morning Joe’s ratings are apparently not so low:

I hope Trump has enough tissues left to last him until November.

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