Trump Campaign: Calm Down, We Only Said We THOUGHT the Judge was Mexican

Earlier today, a poll was released indicating Latinos are not Donald Trump’s biggest fans.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock this entire election cycle, you probably don’t have to ask why they may not love him.  If you have been living under a rock, the link above is a great starting point to understand why Latinos are reluctant to support Trump.


Even so, Katrina Pierson only reinforced their position on CNN Monday morning while defending Donald Trump’s remarks about the “Mexican” judge in the Trump University case.

Watch below:

So within the span of just a few minutes, we have this:

“But this judge isn’t Mexican. He was born here.  He’s American.”

“No, I’m not saying he’s Mexican.”


“But why is Mr. Trump saying he’s Mexican?”

“He says ‘we believe.’”


“Okay so you’re saying that Mr. Trump was wrong, you recognize that the judge was not—“

“I don’t know if he’s Mexican or not.”

What? Let’s pretend for a moment that Trump and his camp somehow DIDN’T have access to Google so he could verify this judge was in fact Mexican before running his mouth.  Regardless, they now know the judge is American.  He was born in Indiana.  And in light of that “new” information, they still feign ignorance.

Maybe now is a good time to explain to Donald Trump that all Mexicans who protest against him are not always connected to La Raza.  Mexican people aren’t all a part of some larger plot to destroy Trump, though I’m sure that’s what he believes as a professional conspiracy theorist.


As someone who has been told by Trump supporters that I am being shipped back to Hispanic America when Trump becomes president, I find it reprehensible that the Trump camp continues to deliberately feign ignorance with regard to these matters knowing it will ultimately fuel the racist fire of his supporters.


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