Trump Spokeswoman Hilariously Compares Trump’s Lies to Obama’s Lies (VIDEO)

Friday was a rough day for the Trump campaign, and it got even more embarrassing as Trump’s spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, delivered the WORST. ANALOGY. EVER.

Speaking with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Katrina Pierson actually compared Trump’s empty campaign promises to Obama’s empty campaign promises.

Watch below:


WOLF BLITZER: Everyone knows by now he’s not a traditional political candidate, but he is seemingly softening his positions right now, now that he no longer has to worry about getting the Republican presidential nomination. Now he has to worry about a general election.  He seems to be softening his position on some sensitive issues like the temporary ban on Muslims coming into the United States, he now says that’s a suggestion.  He seems to be softening his position on tax policy.  Is he now moving away from the right, shall we say, towards the center as he worries about the general election?  Because that’s what regular politicians, as you know, do.

KATRINA PIERSON: No, not at all. What Mr. Trump is saying is that yes, all of his policies are suggestions, like any other candidate.  We all recall that time when if you liked your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Guess what, that didn’t stay the policy.  Mr. Trump is just being very honest with voters and he has not backpedaled, let me repeat this, he has not backpedaled on his Muslim ban.  He said he would back off on it in an instant if things have taken place to where we could properly vet individuals.  So this media outcry of how Trump has somehow backed off of his Muslim ban, I find quite absurd because that is just simply not the case.

“Look, they’re both liars who aren’t planning on doing what they promise, so it’s totally cool, Wolf!”


This is really incredible.  I don’t know how Trump manages to hire the absolute worst people at every level in his campaign, but really, hats off to him for that amazing feat.

It isn’t just that Obama’s blatant misrepresentation “didn’t stay the policy.”  It was an outright lie, rated by Politifact as 2013’s “Lie of the Year.”  Four million Americans received cancellation letters from their insurance carriers.  That wasn’t just a suggestion gone awry, it was an unmitigated disaster propelled by purposeful deceit.

But hey, Pierson just told us herself that we can expect more of the same from Trump.  His team is not even hiding the fact that he has no intention of doing what he says he will do.  Come on, we really can’t expect Trump to do silly things like keep his promise to the American people dumb enough to elect him.  As she just reminded us, Obama did the same thing, and that turned out really great for everyone, right?  Right??




(H/T: Washington Free Beacon)


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