SHOCKER: New Poll Shows Trump Leading Clinton by 1 Point

A new poll was just released showing Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by only one point…in Georgia.  No, seriously.  Georgia.  He leads her in the poll 42 to 41 percent.


And to add insult to injury, almost 40 percent of independent voters remain undecided, but Hillary Clinton maintains a solid hold on decided independents.  It’s logical to assume that trend will continue. Democratic strategist Billy Linville remarked:

“I think Hillary Clinton has a chance to win Georgia if she is willing to invest here and put people in the state.”

And to counter that, Republican strategist and former Gov. Deal chief of staff Brian Robinson reasoned:

“We should be winning this election in Georgia and across the country. Trump gives us the least best shot of winning this November, I will acknowledge that.”

So he basically said, “We should be winning the election, but you know, we have the worst candidate for that, so no promises.”

Trump sure is “unifying the party” alright- to vote against him.  But hey, the time is ripe to finally enlist Newt Gingrich as his running mate to help him carry Georgia.  I mean, then he at least wins one state.



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