Mike Lee Unloads on John Boehner in Defense of his Friend Ted Cruz

Mike Lee spoke to Mark Levin Thursday evening and didn’t hold back when addressing John Boehner’s attack on Ted Cruz.  Keep in mind, Mike Lee is basically the most mild-mannered person in the entire senate, and even he isn’t tolerating this nonsense anymore.

Listen below:

“I am appalled that John Boehner would do this…I held my tongue for years on John Boehner, even when I disagreed with him.  Because I respected him as a person, and I respected his office enough to not call him out on this personally.  I expressed disagreement with his policy , but I never ridiculed him personally.  The fact that he has done this is appalling, and he should be ashamed of himself, and I demand that he apologize.”


“I have never ever seen Ted Cruz do anything other than what he said he was going to do. I have never seen Ted Cruz raise his voice in anger against a colleague.  I have never seen Tedc Cruz engage in any of the despicable acts that I’ve seen him be the recipient of in recent weeks and recent months, and I’ve had it. I have absolutely had it.  It is time for us to expose people like John Boehner who are saying horrible things about him.  Or the fact that they are there, they are angry at him, they hate him because he’s railing against the establishment of which they are a part.”


“In a sense, Mark, I am grateful to John Boehner because John Boehner has exposed the truth here in a way that is far clearer he’s done this far better than I ever could- he’s done that by saying ‘yeah yeah Donald Trump, he’s great I text with him , I golf with him.’  Yeah Hillary Clinton, she’s great.  Bernie Sanders, he’s great. But Ted Cruz, he’s  the devil.  Why? Why Mark?  The ‘why’ is exactly what we need to focus on.  The ‘why’ here shows us why we have to elect Ted Cruz as out next president. The ‘why’ is because Ted Cruz believes in the Constitution, they don’t wanna be stuck with that because that makes it harder for them to do what they wanna do, which is to build and concentrate more power in Washington D.C. at the expense of everyone else.”

It’s so transparent, all these people who don’t even know Ted Cruz pretending otherwise and rallying against him in favor of Donald Trump.  It seems they aren’t even trying to hide their true motives anymore: to save the Washington establishment, whatever the cost.

Cruz is right.  What Boehner and the others are really doing is expressing their hostility and hatred toward the voters Ted Cruz represents.  And for what reason?  There’s only one logical conclusion to draw here.  They would do anything to not disrupt the Washington machine.

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