Trump: "Being Presidential is Easy and I'm, like, a Really Smart Person" [VIDEO]

Donald Trump boasted about his very good brain and how easy it is to be presidential at a rally in Waterbury, CT on Saturday morning.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of MSNBC:

“But yesterday it was very interesting- because yesterday I was hearing about how I’m gonna become presidential, and I can do it so hey, you know what, I’m like a really smart person, like a lot of you people.  Presidential is easy, you know what presidential is, I walk on….(cheering from audience as Trump walks in place and waves hands)

Now a couple things number one I’d have two big teleprompters here which I don’t.  And number two I wouldn’t have to do this (waves hands to quiet crowd) because there’d be very little applause. People would be bored.  So you walk up. Ladies and gentlemen of Waterbury.  It is a great honor to be with you this morning.  Although most presidents don’t work in the morning, you know that.  No, it’s very easy to be presidential.”

While Ted Cruz is talking about policy, what sets him apart from his opponents, and what he will do to get America back on track, this is the kind of substance (or lack thereof) you will find at a Trump rally.  And his crowd thinks it’s delightful, because, spoiler alert: contrary to what Donald claims above, they aren’t actually smart people.

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