Latest Poll: Major Difference in Voter Confidence of Trump and All Other Candidates

Earlier Friday morning, a new Fox News poll was released showing Trump losing big time to Hillary.

The poll also gave another example of just how out of touch Trump and his supporters really are.

When voters were asked if they thought each candidate had the knowledge to effectively serve as president, Trump was the only candidate who failed to earn the majority of voters’ confidence, and he failed miserably.

The difference is extreme: 63% believe Clinton has enough knowledge, 58% believe Sanders does, followed by Cruz at 55%.  In contrast, Trump received an embarrassing 38% of voters who believe he has the knowledge to serve as president.  Most voters don’t believe Trump has the knowledge to serve.

And it doesn’t end there.  When questioned whether the candidates had the integrity to serve as president, Trump came in dead last.

Sanders received the highest number with 70% of voters who believe he has the integrity to serve, followed closely by Ted Cruz at 56% and Hillary Clinton coming in at 48%.  Trump trailed all three of them at 40%.  Most voters don’t believe Trump has the integrity to serve.

On the question of temperament?
Sanders: 68%, Cruz: 61%, Clinton: 62%, Trump 33%.  Almost thirty points lower than everybody else.  Is he embarrassed enough yet?  Most voters don’t believe Trump has the temperament to serve.

And lastly, likeability.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

When voters were asked if they thought the candidates were likeable enough to effectively serve as president, here were the rankings:
Sanders: 71%, Cruz: 52%, Clinton: 52%, Trump: 41%.

Abysmal in all categories.

On the contrary, Cruz maintains a majority of voters’ confidence in all categories above.

Wait, I thought Trump represented “the people?”  Well, apparently, “the people” think Cruz is the Republican candidate who has what it takes to be president.

Incidentally, “the people” also agree that Donald Trump would make a really crappy president.  How much longer will Trump supporters deny the reality staring them in the face?

Also, in the event no one noticed, Kasich was not included in the original poll questions.

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