Wolf Blitzer Grills Trump Spokeswoman on Use of the Phrase “Gestapo Tactics” To Describe Cruz Campaign [VIDEO]

Katrina Pierson appeared on CNN’s “Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer on Monday night to talk about the Trump campaign being a bunch of outsmarted sore losers.  Well, more specifically Blitzer had Pierson on to discuss the comments made by Trump’s new convention manager Paul Manafort in reference to Cruz’s delegate selection strategy.

On Sunday, Manafort claimed that Cruz was using “Gestapo tactics,” by actually knowing the rules and working a solid plan, I guess.   He threw in some drivel accusing the Cruz campaign of threatening delegates, yet shockingly offered no evidence to back up the claim.  The “Gestapo tactics” line has surely been parroted by Trumpbots everywhere, but the reference makes literally zero sense whatsoever.

To his credit, Blitzer gave Pierson more than five opportunities to rethink Manafort’s word choice, appearing more incredulous each time he asked her.  You can probably imagine how it played out, but it is definitely still worth the watch:


Blitzer: Your convention manager Paul Manafort accused Ted Cruz’s campaign, he used these words, of engaging in “Gestapo tactics” after the clean sweep of the delegates on Saturday in Colorado. Is that characterization, “Gestapo tactics” really appropriate?

Pierson: Well you know, it’s not just our convention manager.  I mean, even Kasich’s people were talking about some of the tactics that were being used- in Michigan for example- they used the word “strong-arm” which essentially is the same thing.  There are a lot of delegates that are receiving— let’s just say interesting phone calls from people that might sound intimidating, so we’re gonna find out, aren’t we?

Blitzer:  Is it appropriate to use the word “Gestapo,” because I assume you know what the Gestapo did?

Pierson: Well, it is a word to define exactly the type of malice that is involved with going after some of these delegates in a very hostile and intimidating way.

Blitzer: But Katrina, you know what the Gestapo did during WWII– that word should not be used to talk about the tactics that the Cruz campaign engaged in. That was inappropriate, right?

Pierson: Well again, you’re talking about a campaign that doesn’t really care much for political correctness and if it’s just a term that just simply describes how malicious this activity has been–

Blitzer: But it’s an inappropriate–you don’t use the word” Gestapo” to talk about a political campaign in the United States, that gives the Gestapo too much credit, right?  Don’t you wish you could’ve taken that back?

Pierson: But where was all this hostility and concern when Mr. Trump was being called “Hitler?” So no, I think this is just another situation where it is a word to determine just how hostile that this has gone on in these states for these delegates and I think it was a word that just lets everybody know exactly what he’s talking about.

Blitzer: So you don’t want to back away from that word- you don’t want to back away from that word “Gestapo?”

Pierson: No, and the Kasich campaign also talked about the strong-arm tactics that the Cruz campaign is using–

Blitzer: Strong-arm tactics is one thing- but the Gestapo- you know what they did during World War II you know the millions of people- especially Jews- who were murdered?

Pierson: Yes, he was talking about exactly the same thing- the strong-arm tactics the Cruz campaign has been using, the intimidation, and a lot of people feel a little hurt by that.

People feel “a little hurt” by it?  Well gee, Katrina,  it’s a good thing the term “Gestapo tactics” is so applicable to people’s feelings being hurt.  I’m sure the millions of people who were murdered at the hands of the Gestapo would really appreciate you minimizing a horrible period in history by likening it to your boss being upset because he was outsmarted.  Great job there, Ace.

Did she actually know who the Gestapo was before that moment?  Probably not.  She actually still may be a little confused.  I hope someone helps her out with that.

Meanwhile, yesterday Donald Trump himself tweeted:

 The Trump campaign may want to decide which fabrication they most want to use against Cruz and stick to it: was he threatening delegates or offering them goodies?  Or did he offer them goodies and then threaten them?  I sure hope he didn’t threaten them and then offer them goodies, because that would just be an amateur move.

Are we witnessing the meltdown of the most polarizing campaign in recent history?  I sincerely hope so.


(H/T The Blaze)



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