Latest Poll: More Proof That Hillary Clinton Would Easily Beat Donald Trump

A new AP/Gfk poll released Monday morning indicates a majority of Americans still don’t believe Donald Trump will make America great again.

Trump’s supporters tout the candidate’s business experience as proof he would be able to take on the economy, but even with all his “experience,” he still doesn’t beat Clinton on that issue.  On the subject of handling the economy, 38% of Americans trust Clinton, with Trump trailing behind her at 35%.

The rabid anti-immigration crowd also purports that Trump would be better suited to handle immigration, but America still does not agree with them.  On the issue of immigration, 42% believe Hillary Clinton would do a better job while only 33% believe Trump would handle it better.

Trump lost to Clinton on all the other issues included in the poll, which included handling healthcare, filling Supreme Court vacancies, protecting the country, creating jobs, and international trade.

Here’s how strongly Americans feel about not electing Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton leads Trump in the poll on every issue, yet only 20% of people report that Clinton represents their views very well, while 23% report she represents their views somewhat well.  The “lesser of two evils” notion has never been more applicable.

Trump’s performance on that same question was downright embarrassing: a measly 15% of Americans say he represents their views very well, and 14% say he represents their views somewhat well.  Though Trump supporters will continue to represent themselves as “the people” as if they represent a majority of society, the fact that only 15% identify with Trump’s views restores my faith in humanity a little.

And to add insult to injury, Trump doesn’t even beat Hillary when it comes to his own campaign slogan.  When asked who they thought was better suited to “make America great again,” 33% indicated they thought Hillary would do a better job, compared to 28% who backed Trump.  Thirty percent said they simply didn’t trust either candidate to make America great again.

Trump supporters, don’t be too discouraged.  Trump did beat out all the other remaining candidates in one category.  A whopping 63% of Americans would “definitely not vote for” Donald Trump.  For reference, only 49% said the same about Hillary Clinton.

Hey, since he’s not winning the election, at least he’s winning at something, right?

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