Even Millennials Want No Part of Trump

It appears we can’t give up hope on millennials just yet.  A new USA Today / Rock The Vote poll shows that in a hypothetical Clinton vs Trump match up, voters under 35 would pick Clinton by a whopping 52% to 19%. This is all assuming the world has not completely imploded by Election Day, of course.


You would think that millennials would be fertile ground for Trump’s message, given the characterization of millennials as shallow, obsessed with celebrity, and not tuned in to the details of the real world. However, this poll shows that Trump would begin the election in a bigger hole with young voters than most Republican candidates do.

Demographic breakdown:

Whites under 35 prefer Clinton almost 2 to 1 at 45%-26%. Hispanics, although Trump will tell you otherwise, would vote for Clinton over Trump at a rate of more than 4 to 1, 61%-14%.  Asian-Americans choose Clinton at an even higher rate of 5 to 1, 60%-11%, and African-Americans polled at an incredible rate of 13-1 for Clinton, coming in at 67%-5%.

There are really no discrepancies between males or females either.  Millennials of both genders (yes, there are only two) equally despise Trump, each choosing Hillary with similar margins of more than 2-1.


Further, some millennials have even jumped on the #NeverTrump bandwagon, with nearly 1 in 4 Republicans polled declaring they would vote Democrat in the Presidential election if Trump was the nominee.  Conversely, only 7% of the Democrats polled would jump ship to the GOP.

The survey was held March 3-10 by Ipsos, and polled 1,541 adults ages 18-34.

Even millennials have the sense to reject Donald Trump.


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