The Dirty, Other Reason Trump Didn't Hire Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing Onto His Mueller Probe Legal Team

Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, a husband and wife lawyer duo rumored to be joining President Trump’s Mueller probe-focused legal force, are off the team just days after it was first rumored they would be joining it.


According to Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow, the reason for the bouncing is “conflicts.”

But it looks like there’s another, dirtier reason why the pair was turfed: Toensing was a big supporter of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida), regarded by Trump as a foe both during and after the 2016 GOP primary contest.

Toensing has also made donations to Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Virginia), who refused to support Trump in the 2016 election and against whom Trump is rumored to bear a major grudge, and to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), who refused to appear at a pre-election Wisconsin event with Trump following news breaking of Trump’s comments to Access Hollywood.

Campaign finance data compiled by the Federal Election Commission, and surveyed by RedState, shows that between 2015 and 2016, Toensing and diGenova donated at least $5,150 to the three candidates.

That’s far less than some better-off donors would normally donate in a cycle. However, Trump is known for holding even small slights against people, and $5,150 in donations to people he sees as his political enemies seems enough to satisfy that natural Trump urge.


The donations do not appear to have been reported on by major news outlets.

Trump is rumored to have instituted a rule that proposed political appointees have to have voted for him in order to be placed into jobs in his administration. In some instances, prospective appointees have admitted lying to interviewers about the identity of the candidate for whom they voted in 2016.

If true, that would make it no surprise that lawyers who supported Trump foes financially would be viewed skeptically by the President, with regard to legal defense efforts.


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