As FCC Ends Net Neutrality, Tell These Republicans to Quit Selling Out to Google

Today, the FCC will publish its reversal of the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules.

Constitutional and telecommunications law experts have decried the rules as unlawful politically-motivated regulations cooked up to satisfy netroots activists displeased with the Obama administration’s record on Iraq and domestic surveillance, and major campaign contributors– namely, Google.


However, those criticisms haven’t prevented the left from screaming blue murder over the undoing of net neutrality.

They also haven’t prevented some Republicans from signing on to pro-net neutrality efforts, or being targeted by pro-net neutrality forces like Google, and the numerous non-profit and charity organizations that they contribute to that, unsurprisingly, also advocate for net neutrality. As a reminder, Google’s business model benefits substantially from net neutrality remaining the law of the land; but conservatism, property rights, and a competitive marketplace do not.

So it’s problematic that back in January, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) announced that she would join every sitting Democratic senator in voting to restore net neutrality rules

Yet Collins isn’t the only Republican who may have caved to the left and Google on net neutrality: Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) has also been the target of a fierce lobbying campaign to persuade him to support net neutrality.

Kennedy has appeared undecided on whether to support a restoration of net neutrality rules since he issued this mealy-mouthed letter regarding the subject several months ago, and since he announced that he was “honestly undecided” about a CRA resolution touching on net neutrality, deeming it “a very, very close call.”

Pro net-neutrality activists including the uber-lefty (some would say legitimately Marxist) Free Press have been lobbying Sen. Kennedy on the issue.


RedState has long taken an anti-net neutrality stance for a variety of reasons ranging from anti-cronyism to pro-property rights perspectives (and then some).

So, RedState Insider is suggesting that like-minded readers send Collins and Kennedy a message by sending these buttons to their offices. 

After all, if they’re going to do the bidding of Google– the main pro-net-neutrality force out there– they might as well cop to it with some sort of public branding, right?

Sen. Collins’ Senate office address is 413 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510.

Sen. Kennedy’s Senate office address is SR 383, Russell Senate Building, Washington, DC 20510

Go ahead, send them a message: Either quit doing Google’s bidding, or admit to doing Google’s dirty work. Wear it as a badge… of (dis)honor, or something.

Disclaimer: The buttons we’re suggesting you send to both senators were designed by a sometimes-contributor-to and friend of RedState who receives a cut of the per-button price.  


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