Millennial Republican Congressional Hopeful Has a Huge Hypocrisy Problem

Hypocrisy runs deep in politics. Many politicians struggle to balance their talking points with their reality. Sadly, some political consultants are looking to line their wallets more than they are looking to win a race. If a politician falls for a hustling consultant, it can jeopardize their future political aspirations and careers.


Case in point is Ohio’s 16th Congressional District Republican primary. Christina Hagan wasn’t able to convince credible vendors or consultants to work with her, so she was forced to import a 20-something New York Democratic consultant who has so far only served to grow her Twitter followership to people that don’t live in the district or Ohio.

Harlan Hill is a Bernie Sanders supporter who appears not to have a good handle on what it means to be a Republican. Karl Marx is one of the authors who impacted him. This is who Christina Hagan hired to help her become a Republican Congressman.

Hill has made a mockery of Hagan. He has turned her into a caricature of what he must think a Republican is.

Hagan is running for Congress under all of President Trump’s slogans thinking it will help her campaign. #DrainTheSwamp and posts railing against career politicians and the establishment flood her social media pages. But, Hagan was a Ted Cruz supporter and only jumped on the Trump Train when it was the only train in the station. With Hill’s guidance, she has tried to grab onto Trump’s coattails. In doing so, Hill has turned Hagan into a hypocrite.

It’s hard for someone who is clearly part of the establishment to complain about the establishment, but that’s precisely what Hagan is doing. Looking at how her political career started, it’s comical to read through her posts since Hill has been brought on board.


Hagan is one of the career politicians she complains about. She was appointed to State Representative when she was a college student over the objections of the local Republican Party and grassroots leaders. Then-Speaker of the Ohio House Bill Batchelder had a solid friendship with former State Representative John Hagan, who happens to be Christina’s father. Whispers around the Ohio Statehouse stated that Batchelder pushed the college student’s appointment over the objections of the local party and grassroots activists as a favor to his old friend.

Shortly after her appointment, Hagan was married at the Ohio Statehouse. The Speaker of the House officiated the wedding, and other State Representatives served as ushers. This reeks of entitlement and establishment favor. This woman wearing her Christianity on her sleeve chose to get married not at a Church, but at a government building where she was appointed to serve.



In addition to this hypocrisy, there is something that is even worse. Hagan doesn’t even live in the district she is running to represent. She is a carpet bagger. This is another example of her being a member of the entitled establishment. Christina Hagan isn’t even eligible to vote for herself.


Republicans have long complained about carpetbaggers like Joel Ossoff. The wanna-be politician unsuccessfully ran for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. One of the chief complaints made against Ossoff was his residency being outside the district he wanted to represent.  Hagan is tone deaf in thinking this wouldn’t apply to her either.

In keeping with the same theme, Hagan’s first rally/fundraiser also occurred outside the district. Ultimately, support has to come from from the voters in the 16th Congressional District. Hagan has turned a blind eye to this as Hill lines his pockets.

Hill has helped get Hagan some endorsements from Sebastian Gorka and Anthony Scaramucci. Both men were fired by the Trump White House. An endorsement from Omarosa would help round out this trifecta of Trump flunkies.

Hagan should have taken a clue when reputable Ohio Republican consultants wouldn’t join her campaign. She’s not ready yet. Like most of her supporters, Hagan won’t even be able to vote in this primary. She sought out someone who would tell her what she wants to hear, that she could win a race in a district she doesn’t live in. She found Harlan Hill to help repackage her into someone she is not to fool donors and voters.


Hagan had a promising career, but with Hill’s help, it’s likely that she is digging her political grave by pretending to be someone she is not. She is the establishment politician she is railing against. It’s hard to understand how someone who was appointed to the Ohio House as a college student can believe she is not part of the establishment

Hill’s rebranding of Hagan has already claimed a scalp. In November, John Hagan lost his re-election as a Marlboro Township Trustee. It’s hard not to think that his daughter’s hypocritical campaign had an adverse effect on voters. Like Christina, her father also lives outside the 16th Congressional District, but his constituents are subjected to her campaign rhetoric on social media and other outlets.

The only person who will win out in this political endeavor is Harlan Hill. The consultant con game appears to be taking in yet another victim.


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