Big Paper (Yes, That's a Thing) Wants the IRS to Send You More Forms


Hate IRS forms? I mean, who doesn’t, right?

These people, apparently. Call them… Big Paper:

The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry has joined the Coalition for Paper Options, which describes itself “as an alliance of consumer organizations, labor unions and print communications industry representatives dedicated to protecting Americans’ right to freely access paper-based information.” The coalition advocates for policies such as having the Internal Revenue Service start sending out paper tax forms again.


A smart person once said there is literally no business interest that doesn’t want something from Washington, D.C. Apparently, in this case, there are also unions and “consumer advocates” who want this something– which, if they get it, will probably mean more people experiencing heightened anxiety every time they visit the mail box, and more trash headed to the landfill (or, if you live in a green enclave, the recycling plant).

Washington being Washington, the likelihood is that the “consumer advocates” in this case have just so happened to have had some strategic donations placed in their bank accounts. The unions, for their part, maybe want government workers stuffing more envelopes, or more trash for the garbagemen to haul off. The paper companies just want more printed on their core product– a straight up handout for a narrow business interest.

Big Paper. To go along with Big Labor, Big Tech, Big Airline, Big Oil… and Big Government.


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